Top 5 Necessities For A Healthy Relationship

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Published: 06th January 2012
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Itís common knowledge that relationships take a lot more than just time and energy, but what are the most essential qualities in a healthy relationship? The list could be pretty lengthy, so weíve narrowed it down to the top five for you!

1. Honesty and Trust

These two go together. Itís pretty difficult to have one without the other, but for such small words they can be pretty complex to maintain. A relationship missing honesty and trust is bound to have a lot more hiccups than one built on them. No one likes to find out that someone they care about is keeping secrets, especially if theyíve been completely open with you. Itís definitely not easy to trust people, even more challenging after youíve been through a few rotten relationships, but you need to learn to do it. It might take time and baby steps, but tough it out. The end result is well worth it.

2. Comfort

Let your guard down. This one is for women especially! We can get so wrapped up in looking our best all the time that we forget that men donít really care about all of that. So, let your hair down and take your makeup off. Guys appreciate natural beauty, even more so when itís someone he loves. Stop being intimidated and let yourself be a little vulnerable.

3. Laughter

Relationships arenít supposed to be serious all the time. Laughter is often left out of lists like this one, but if you canít laugh through the good and the bad, youíre going to have some trouble. There will be fights and spats and stupid stress-induced freak out moments, but to be able to laugh and smile when itís all said and done will only strengthen the bond between you and your partner. Even in failed relationships that Iíve been in there are always those moments where we laughed ourselves to tears because we understood that side of each other. A relationship with laughter might not make it forever, but I can promise that one that never had it to begin with is destined for failure.

4. Understanding

Take the time to get each other. Understanding where your partner is coming from will make it much easier to handle tough situations and even avoid arguments. Weíre all human; therefore we argue and debate with each other. Itís in our nature. Couples are bound to fight because the passion that exists between them is a powerful one, but one way to minimize the arguments or convert them into discussions is to learn why they react the way they do to certain situations. This will save you many headaches!

5. Love

Obviously Love had to make the list. Itís the glue that keeps your hearts close. Love is complicated and simple, heart wrenching and joyous all at the same time. But regardless of the situation, itís worth fighting for. There is no one word to explain the importance of these four letters, but you will get nowhere fast without them. Lean on your love in tough times and trust that it will guide you and your partner in your life together.

Whether you met your partner through a friend, an online dating site or at a bar; those details donít matter. Itís these five pillars that will stay consistent for all of you. The next time you and your significant other are feuding over something minuscule remember why youíre fighting. Is it because the relationship is missing one of these qualities or is it because you could lose something that means the world to you?

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